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Website design and development for Sur Futuro, a foundation that promotes the development and social welfare of vulnerable communities in the Dominican Republic.
Sur Futuro's website has been designed as a comprehensive information platform that covers in detail all the foundation's news, projects, testimonies, visions and study documents. Our vision is to establish a transparent website where visitors can thoroughly explore every aspect of the organization and its approach to work.


  • UX/UI design
  • Front End Development
  • SEO
  • Back End Development
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The goal of the project's website is to create an attractive, comfortable, readable and accessible page that provides users with a smooth experience when exploring every aspect and relevant information of the foundation. This includes their news, projects, testimonies, vision and, especially, their study documents, reports, plans, reports and support materials.

We focus on transmitting transparency through the design and content of the website, ensuring that it is a faithful representation of the Foundation and its values. Our goal is to provide visitors with a platform where they can easily access the information and resources they need to understand and support the mission and work of Sur Futuro.


To achieve the objectives, we analyzed the objectives of the Sur Futuro Foundation to understand its vision for the website. Then, we design an information architecture to determine the reach of the website. Based on this, we created a design system with specific functionalities, components, colors and fonts. Finally, we developed the website replicating the interface and the user experience, and we carried out tests on the most used browsers.


Our team of professional designers and developers has succeeded in developing a website that meets all the expectations and needs of the Sur Futuro Foundation. The design and user experience have not only satisfied the organization, but they have also made it easier for users to navigate. In addition, we have achieved excellent optimization for SEO search engines, which has placed the website among the first in the non-profit foundation sector.

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