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UX/UI Design and Mobile App Development for Santo Domingo Café where you can enjoy the highest quality of Dominican Coffee.
Santo Domingo Café's mobile application has been designed with the purpose of offering a complete platform for the purchase of high-quality coffee and beverages. Our goal is to provide an accessible, aesthetic and modern online store experience for our customers, allowing them to place orders and explore our product catalog in a quick and detailed way.

In addition to making it easier to place orders, our application offers the convenience of tracking the status of orders in real time, giving users the peace of mind of knowing the progress of their purchases at all times.


  • UX/UI design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Back End Development


The primary objective of the Santo Domingo Café Mobile App is to provide customers with an accessible, aesthetically attractive and modern platform that guarantees simple and fluid navigation. Our goal is to allow users to easily explore and view all the high-quality beverages and coffees offered by Santo Domingo Café.

We strive to provide each customer with a convenient, accessible, detailed and secure shopping experience. We want your trust not only to be based on the high quality of our beverages, but also on the ease and security of the entire buying and order tracking process.


To achieve our objectives, we began with an exhaustive process of analysis and research to understand the needs, doubts and concerns of users when ordering and buying coffee. Our goal was to gain a clear understanding of what they really needed and expected from the experience.

Using this research as a basis, we designed an information architecture that will adapt to the identified needs and concerns of users. This architecture served as a guide to developing a complete design system, which included functionalities, components, color palette and typefaces specific to the application.

Once the design was established, we proceeded with mobile development, making sure to faithfully replicate the interface and user experience outlined in the design prototypes. To achieve this, we use the most robust and advanced technologies on the market, thus ensuring optimal performance and a smooth experience for users.


Thanks to our great team of professional designers and developers, we were able to develop a Mobile App that meets all needs and objectives, the App that has not only left the company satisfied with the design and its functions, but has also impacted the user experience, being a pleasant, comfortable, modern space where users can easily order their drinks with the best experience and safety for them. Our work and performance allowed us to create an app with excellent performance and functionality.

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