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Website design and development for one of the most important real estate agencies in the Dominican Republic.
Plusval Inmobiliaria's website has been designed as a comprehensive real estate services platform. Offering a wide range of tools and resources to make it easier for customers to buy, sell or rent properties. In addition to having an extensive catalog of properties, the website provides valuable information on market trends, financing options and legal requirements.


  • UX/UI design
  • Front End Development
  • SEO
  • Back End Development
  • CMS implementation
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The purpose of the Plusval Inmobiliaria website is to provide clients with a complete and modern platform for all their real estate needs. The website is intended to be the reference resource for anyone who wishes to buy, sell or rent a property in the Dominican Republic.


To achieve the objectives, we initiated a process of researching and analyzing user behavior on real estate websites. Then, we designed an appropriate information architecture for the entire website and created a design system that serves as the basis for the brand's other digital products. In addition, we design all the functionalities and components taking into account even the smallest detail.

We carry out front-end development faithfully replicating the interface and the experience proposed in the design prototypes, we use the most recent technologies and we carry out tests on the most used browsers on the market. Finally, we developed a custom Content Manager (CMS) based on the Laravel framework, this CMS allows the updating and optimization of the Website quickly and easily.


For the past 8 years, we have collaborated closely with Plusval in the constant evolution of the design and development of its website, with the objective of making Plusval the most modern real estate company in the Dominican Republic.

The current version combines a solid user experience with features that improve the process of buying, selling and renting properties for its clients. We have also achieved excellent search engine optimization (SEO), which has positioned the Plusval website as one of the most prominent in the real estate sector in the Dominican Republic.

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