iCommerce - Mobile App

UX/UI Design and Mobile App Development for iCommerce, an Amway business network
iCommerce's mobile application has been designed to offer users a comprehensive platform for the exchange of knowledge through audios, videos and documents. In addition to providing access to a wide range of courses for effective training in the Amway business, this application allows users to view all Amway events, both face-to-face and virtual, locally and internationally. In addition, it makes it easy to buy tickets for these events quickly and easily.


  • UX/UI design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Back End Development


The main goal of the iCommerce application is to provide users with a modern, accessible and comprehensive platform that allows them to access a wide range of multimedia resources. These resources are focused on keeping them up to date with the latest news in Amway's business. The application aspires to become the fundamental and reference resource for anyone interested in staying informed and up to date with the world of Amway.


To achieve the objectives, we began a process of analysis and research about the needs of the users, their doubts and their concerns when entering the Amway business, all with the objective of having a clear vision of what they really needed. Based on this, we design an information architecture adapted to the needs and concerns of users, then taking the architecture as a basis, we create a design system with the respective functionalities, components, colors and fonts for the App.

Finally, we carried out a Mobile development faithfully replicating the interface and the experience proposed in the design prototypes and in order to carry it out we use the most robust and recent technologies on the market.


After collaborating closely with iCommerce in the continuous evolution of the design and development of its mobile application, we have managed to ensure that the application not only launches with exceptional development and meets all business needs, especially those of users and customers, but we have also managed to position it as one of the most used in the Amway market niche.

Our active participation in frequent updates to the application has allowed us to make significant improvements that completely transform the design and user experience. This has made the application even more modern, readable and comprehensive, providing users with greater comfort and satisfaction with their current needs.

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