Metaldom - CRM

UX/UI design for the CRM of the number 1 multinational company in the steel sector in the Dominican Republic.
Gerdau Metaldom's CRM is designed to provide Metaldom and its customers with a comprehensive, robust and modern platform that can meet all the needs and demands of its customers without any problem. The CRM offers a wide range of functions and tools that help users to buy and pay for their products, make requests for services, track their orders, manage their invoices with due periods, etc. In addition, the CRM has a section for administrators which allows them to view the total customers registered with Metaldom, the collaborators, the orders of their customers, as well as their invoices.


  • UX/UI design
  • Front End Development


The purpose of Gerdau Metaldom's CRM is to provide customers with a complete platform that allows them to meet all their needs for the management of their orders, their purchases and invoices, as well as the real-time tracking of their orders, so that they can handle each order and their payments without any inconvenience. In addition, the purpose of developing this platform is to ensure that Metaldom's entire business can be kept at the forefront and technologically updated so as not only to benefit customers but also to the company.


To achieve the proposed objectives, we initiated a process of researching customer behavior, in which we consider their needs both for functions, tools and resources in order to understand what they tend to use the most and what new features may be most useful to them. Then, we designed an information architecture that encompasses the entire scope of the project and based on this we created a design system with the respective functionalities, components, colors and typographic fonts for the website and each demand.

Finally, we carried out a front-end development faithfully replicating all the interface design and the user experience proposed in the prototypes, a development with which we worked together hand in hand with the Metaldom team with the objective of ensuring that the CRM would have the best possible quality in each of its functions.


For the past few years we have been collaborating and working closely with Metaldom and its great team with the vision of constantly evolving the design and development of their website as well as that of their platforms.

With our great team of professional designers and developers, we were able to create a CRM that meets every customer need, so that now not only do they have greater ease of accessing and managing their orders and payments, but they are now more satisfied with the platform experience and the incorporation of new tools.

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