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Design and development of an Online Store for Cigar Country, a store specializing in the sale of high quality cigars.
Cigar Country, the renowned cigar store located in the country's picturesque eastern region, specializes in serving a high-end tourist market. We set out to increase their online presence and boost their business growth by developing a comprehensive E-commerce platform.


  • UX/UI design
  • Front End Development
  • SEO
  • Back End Development
  • E-Commerce
  • CMS implementation
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The objective of the Cigar Country Online Store is to offer customers in a modern, accessible and easy to navigate way the wide variety of cigars and accessories from the most recognized brands in the world, with the vision of providing a convenient and secure shopping experience to all customers through a digital platform.


Our approach focused on creating a tailor-made e-commerce platform, designed to deliver an exceptional online shopping experience. Seamless integration with the payment platform AZUL ensures secure and efficient transactions, thus supporting Cigar Country's reputation for delivering high-quality products.

We develop all the essential functionalities necessary to drive continuous business growth. From an intuitive user interface to inventory management and order tracking tools, every aspect of the platform is designed to improve operational efficiency and provide an unparalleled shopping experience for customers.


For the past few years, we have maintained a close collaboration with Cigar Country for the continuous development and evolution of the design of its online store. This partnership has not only resulted in constant improvements in the shopping experience for customers, but it has also consolidated the position of the online store as one of the best in the United States. This significant advance has significantly optimized the shopping experience, providing customers with greater security and confidence in every transaction.
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